Our Basics

Our Basics

Horizon's values are put into action by each and every employee, who utilizes these "basics" as a way to conduct day-to-day work activities:

1. Our Values are the core of our business. We will use them as a template over which all decisions are made.

2. We have committed partners, including manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers in the value chain who help us deliver great products and great service to the consumer; but the consumer is the customer. We will sell to and service customers through whatever channel they find most convenient.

3. We will seek to grow and learn, both personally and professionally. If we as employees are passionate, dedicated and energetic, we will treat our customers with warmth, friendliness and fun.

4. We will strive for excellence in everything we do at Horizon.

5. We will bring high quality, innovative products to market that will ensure an enjoyable hobby experience. Excellent value is more important than offering the lowest price.

6. We will work with a true sense of urgency and exhibit a bias for action. We will embrace change with a deep determination to win and not anxiety about losing.

7. We will work as a team to share information openly and across the Company, actively debate our differences, but then make a decision and support each other in executing the decision.

8. We will provide customers and retailers with the most useful product and industry information in the most easily accessible manner.

9. We will provide customers with exceptional service that exceeds their expectations and creates a solid connection with Horizon. Customers will not have to wait to place orders or receive answers to their questions.

10. Our people are our only real long-term asset. Hiring and developing the best people, optimizing skills and addressing performance are among our highest priorities.

11. We eagerly accept intelligent risk and "original" mistakes. We will not always do things perfectly, but we will learn from our experiences so as to not repeat the mistakes.

12. Working safely will always be more important than the job being done.

13. Any employee who receives a customer complaint "owns" the complaint and is empowered to take care of the customer and take action to prevent a repeat occurrence.

14. Working effectively and efficiently are the responsibility of every employee.

15. We will understand our work responsibilities and welcome being held accountable by all other team members to perform those responsibilities at the highest level.

16. Smile. We are on stage and smiles transcend even phone lines. We will use proper vocabulary in communicating with others using words or phrases like, "Certainly. I'll be happy to. It's my pleasure."

17. We are ambassadors of Horizon inside and outside of the workplace. We always speak positively, recognizing that every comment reflects on us too. We take pride in Horizon and show it.

18. We will use the names of customers, partners and employees often to express importance, respect and warmth.

19. Be yourself. Reflect your own personality in a genuine manner relaxed and comfortable, yet always professional.

20. Have fun. Enjoy your job. A good attitude is infectious.